Find Your Foundation

We believe your home is a place for growth
and fresh starts as well as the foundation for
strong individuals, families and communities.

Some real estate companies put their own agenda first and you’re just part of their equation. For us, it’s personal. We see a multi-dimensional individual or family, with unique needs and goals.

Our satisfaction comes from discovering what you truly want (and sometimes that includes helping you figure it out!) and finding your ideal home – knowing what matters most to you.

You Have a Unique Story and Circumstances

We’re honored to help you make big changes, reach goals or take a step towards your life’s dreams.

Our support on your real estate journey begins with initial planning and continues as your needs and goals evolve.

We take the time to listen and understand what’s most important to you. We’ll help distinguish between wants and needs. We’ll celebrate your victories and cry along with you when things don’t go our way.

We’re a Denver-based team of real estate experts who bring a diversity of experience and talent to the table. Many real estate agents operate independently but struggle to be effective in every area of the buying or selling process.

We’ve structured our team so that we’re each operating in roles that allow us to be our strongest – and do what we do best. It means we’re thriving, happy, love what we do and are able to give you the caring, professional service – and expertise – we believe you truly deserve.

A Closer Look at Your Inleit Team

  • Stephanie Brook, our Founder & President, oversees the entire buying or selling process and supports the team – and our clients. What a financial planner brings to managing and thinking about your money, Stephanie brings to your real estate strategy. It’s way more than buying and selling; it’s about your future, and your goals. She usually works her magic in the background rather than in day-to-day client contact and is the heart behind Inleit Properties.
  • Virginia Shank, Director of Strategy & Operations, manages your transaction end-to-end. Beginning with initial assessment, Virginia also supports you from “under contract” to closing and continues to check in long after. Detail-oriented? You’ll get along great. Details NOT your thing? No worries, we’ve got your back.
  • Sara Baumbach is our primary agent, specializing in buying and selling. From preparing your home for listing to locating the perfect property to negotiating your contract, Sara will be your new best friend. Trust us; it happens every time.

Our Values and What We Stand For


We grow personally and professionally to be a model of living full lives and to serve our clients in the best way possible.


We trust in the reliability and strength of our team, allowing individuals to flourish in their roles and areas of strength.


We always do what is right for the benefit of our clients. We listen and seek to truly understand their circumstances, respecting them for who they are.


We serve as true partners to our clients, helping identify the right actions at the right time to best serve their interests. They become members of our family and we stand by them until they achieve their goals and continue to support them as needs evolve.


We believe in our process and ultimately have faith that the right home will reveal itself at the right time.

What Drives Our Team

Spoiler alert: It’s more about who we are than what we do…but you’ll see that the two go hand-in-hand.

Stephanie Brook

Founder & President

Stephanie (she prefers “Steph”) is powered by a desire to guide people into living up to their full potential. That’s why she founded Inleit Properties – to help people find the home for their biggest life. Steph started her career in real estate over 13 years ago. After a successful start as a new home sales consultant, she moved into agent development before founding Inleit Properties in 2011. Steph’s negotiation and training skills couple with her creativity to improve her company and her clients’ lives daily.


Fueled by: travel, wine, a super complicated Starbucks order, vintage

Virginia Shank

Director, Strategy & Operations

Virginia is a strategic thinker with a serious (and, admittedly, sometimes obnoxious) attention to detail. She loves solving problems, leading teams, and building relationships. Her background is in customer experience analytics and consulting, which translates brilliantly into her client work at Inleit. When she’s not working with clients, she’s planning and executing strategic efforts to build Inleit’s business and to improve the team’s efficiency…whether they like it or not.


Fueled by: dance parties, travel, gelato, checklists

Sara Baumbach


Sara has been in real estate for more than 12 years. Her career began in new home construction and model home furnishing, until she found her perfect fit as an agent. Sara blends her industry expertise with unshakeable optimism and an ability to befriend anyone, resulting in incredible client service and a genuinely fun experience. Her favorite part of real estate is figuring out what’s important to her clients, sometimes before they know it themselves, and seeing their smiles when they find the home that gives them “warm fuzzies.”


Fueled by: retail therapy, happy hour, time in Kauai

Why Partner?

It’s our commitment that our clients benefit from having a full team of experts before, during and after a transaction. We carefully select partners who share our work ethic and values so that our clients receive an outstanding extension of services.