How We Work with Buyers

Buying a home is likely the biggest financial decision you'll ever make. It can be overwhelming, exhilarating and, at some points in the process, unnerving.

Wouldn't it be a relief to have a team of knowledgeable, caring real estate experts you can trust to guide you through the process?

Sure, there's a lot to navigate, but we know each step intimately.

We're Denver neighborhood experts who believe you'll live your best life in the home that's right for you – NOT any house that happens to be available, or earns us money, or is just any home in any neighborhood.

There's a home that's right for you and your needs, and we'll help you find it.


We're advisors, not salespeople. Most importantly, we want to know about YOU:

  • Your Vision of Home
  • Your Ideal Life in Denver
  • Your Future Goals and Aspirations
  • Your Unique Needs
  • Your Timing

Imagine the hunt for your ideal home being exciting – instead of terrifying.

When you have pros handling the details and proactively guiding the entire process, you're way less tense, knowing you're in capable, caring hands.

Now, you're tapping into the Inleit vibe – we think of it as becoming 'Inleitened' (forgive us, we love a good play on words). We're focused and knowledgeable, but lighthearted too.

We love what we do – making people happy, simplifying the process and getting you into your perfect home.

If we said it, it might sound like hype (SO not into that)…so, listen to Maggie instead:

'What an easy, fun, amazing experience I had with the Inleit Properties ladies. Stephanie drew up a plan for me and introduced me to her team. I was connected into their daily search portal based on my specified criteria. My first day of house hunting was really fun.

I wasn’t planning on putting in an offer after day 1, but with Sara’s knowledge and expertise, she helped us decide to move quick and put in an offer on the Mayfair house.

We found out the next day (Sunday) that this home had just gone on the market on Friday. It may have been luck, or I like to think of it as good karma, but the seller ended up accepting my offer (10K under asking price), and I didn’t have the “bidding war” experience that most people have been going through the last several years in Denver.'


We live for stories like that one! After all…

Your Home is Where You'll:

  • Live Your Best Life
  • Realize Your Dreams
  • Protect Your Family
  • Build Memories
  • Grow Toward Your Future

Our clients are busy, active people who live their values. You have big dreams and aspirations, you care about your community and living life full out – on your terms. You want to work with someone you can trust – a team who has your back.

You want to find the right community for your lifestyle, goals and dreams. Houses can be found anywhere, but neighborhoods matter.

Maybe school districts are a key priority, or you'd love to have easy access to Wash Park. Maybe you're a foodie and would love to be part of the buzz happening in RiNo. Or, it could be commute time trumps everything, but you still want to check the other boxes on your list.

We help you find what works for you, on your timetable. That means the right house, in the right neighborhood. A place you can build your life, and thrive.

Our expertise guides the process so you can make sound decisions at the right time – for you, and the resources you have available.

Our goal is to get you the absolute best value in the Denver market, without compromising what's uniquely important to you.

We are driven by getting you exactly what you want…

Like we did for Danielle:

'I can now say that my family is HOME!! I LOVE our new house, I LOVE the neighborhood, and I LOVE the area!! I cannot say enough about how great this process has been thanks to your team. We were very anxious about buying a house and it was smooth from start to finish. We are so grateful we found you!'


Camille had some lovely things to say, too:

'We referred Inleit Properties to some good friends relocating to Denver. We knew that they specialized in educating their clients on the different neighborhoods to help find the right fit. Sara & Stephanie went out of their way to make sure my friends ended up in the right home in the right neighborhood for their lifestyle which was not an easy task.

It was clear that they cared about so much more than just selling them a house as the typical Realtor might. I am so, so happy with the way Inleit Properties handled my referral – I am proud to be associated with such caring professionals.'


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