How We Work with Sellers

There are a LOT of details to handle when you're selling your home. Without professional guidance, it can be an overwhelming process.

Put Our Expert Negotiation Skills and Experience to
Work for You

Our team will work with you to determine what you need to achieve and do everything we can to help you get there.


Not only will we save you time and help you avoid the inevitable pitfalls of going it alone, you'll benefit from our expertise to:

  • Strategize the best price and profit based on your needs
  • Partner with you to handle the 184 logistic details that go into nearly every sale
  • Advise you on the most profitable and cost-effective upgrades and improvements to make, so your home appeals to buyers and sells…FAST
  • Carefully structure overall timing

Timing is critical, so you're not stressing out about closing dates. Especially if you're buying another home, you can't be “stuck homeless” between sale and purchase, or worrying about whether you'll be able to afford your new home with the proceeds from your current one.

Are You Wondering 'Can I Really Afford to Work with an Agent?'

The 'market myth' would have you believe that working with a real estate professional will eat up your profits.

On the contrary, Keeping Current Matters reports: homes listed with an agent typically sell for an average of $46,000 more than those for sale by owner.


We know how to position your home to sell based on comparable sales, house condition and market trends.

Going it Alone Can Be Risky

Owners tend to overestimate the value of their homes. This simple mistake can land you in a world of hurt.

Without knowing how to properly position and prepare your home for sale, you risk it sitting on the market too long.

You'll worry and second guess yourself while you shell out more money on mortgage payments and bills. Not to mention losing time you'll never get back. Offers below your target price start to look tempting.


You don't have to lose valuable time, or settle for less money. And truly, just because you could sell your own home, that doesn't make it your best decision.

If you could come out of the transaction with more money, and way less hassle, why would you do anything else?

And, if you're like our other clients, you'll enjoy the experience (a bonus, really…!). Here's what Kevin recently said:

'I would highly recommend Inleit Properties, they provided the best customer service I have ever experienced in any industry. From the very beginning of the process all of the members of this team kept in contact with me and continually asked if I needed anything. The Inleit team is the best real estate team in the area without a doubt. Sara’s knowledge and advice proved pivotal. Thank you, Inleit!'

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We've put together a full list of required tasks with time and money estimates so you can make an informed decision about selling it yourself or working with an agent. Use the form below to access this resource: 'I'll Sell It My Own Damn Self! – Understanding What It Takes and What It Costs.'

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