My husband and I relocated to the Denver area after we graduated from the University of Michigan. (Go Blue!) Our list of reasons for moving sounds like every Tinder profile in Colorado.

“In my free time, I love to take long hikes and explore the great outdoors. I’m such a foodie and enjoy trying out new places to eat (especially if they cater to my dietary restrictions). Also, I looovve my dog more than anything!!”

But as basic as it may be, maintaining an active lifestyle in the sun and having access to a culture of great restaurants and new experiences is important to us. For our first several years as CO residents, Boulder checked all the boxes. That is until we learned we were expecting our first baby. It was time to get serious about our financial future.

Did you know, only 37% of millennials own a Home? Yet, homeownership is one of the best predictors of long-term wealth. So, to achieve financial security, we began the search for our first Home.

We defined criteria for the place we wanted to start our family and compared cities across Colorado. The clear winner? Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs may be for you too if…

  1. You don’t want to save your money for five more years to afford a starter Home.

High Home costs in Denver make first-time Homebuyers feel precluded from purchasing. When we determined our Home buying budget, we ruled out the Denver and Boulder areas (unless we wanted to buy a condo the size of our guest bedroom…but I’ll get to that in a moment).

Our interest in The Springs grew after we studied the trends in migration. Predictions for continued growth and increased property value made Colorado Springs an attractive financial investment.

  1. You are seeking greater value for what you can buy.

As our search moved further away from the Denver area, we found some options in our price range. But we still weren’t satisfied. Having a single-family Home mattered to us (so we had to nix townhouse and condo options). Having a fenced yard mattered to us; remember that dog we love more than anything? And while we were at it, why couldn’t we have a place with enough room for visitors and a Home office?

Colorado Springs met all our desires within our budget.

  1. You enjoy watching an up-and-coming city grow.

We quickly found local favorites like this community marketplace inside an old schoolhouse, this dog bar, and this underground restaurant.

But even better, new places are opening up all the time. Last month we had the opportunity to check out this gaming complex/family restaurant/craft bar during its opening weekend. As the great migration to The Springs continues, there’ll be more trendy joints like these.

  1. You have flexibility in your commute.

Still work in Denver? If your job offers flexibility to work from Home, moving to Colorado Springs may still be an option. Commuting to Denver twice a week equates to the same amount of time the average Coloradan spends commuting to work five days a week.

Open to new jobs? The Springs has an established aerospace industry and a growing tech startup scene. Even Jeff Bezos wants to be here!

  1. You’re active and enjoy outdoor activities.

Colorado Springs offers easy access to hiking and dramatic natural sights including Garden of the Gods, Seven Falls, and Pikes Peak (if you’re crazy enough, you can even brave The Incline).

Beyond the mountains, you can also tour caves, zipline through canyons, and feed wolves at the wildlife sanctuary.

  1. You value a family-friendly city.

Recent data shows that Colorado Springs has a lower rate of violent crime than Denver. Colorado Springs also has a higher rate of family households and children.

Community played a major role in our search for a place to begin our family and put down roots. In Colorado Springs we quickly found community with young adults and families who share similar values and interests.

While we moved here because of our little one, Colorado Springs offers attractive reasons for anyone looking to invest in property, build a community, and enjoy all that Colorado has to offer.