Newsletter Introduction

Perhaps the most significant detriment to the growth of my real estate career was that I never wanted to be called a “Realtor.” Don’t misunderstand; I *love* what I do. I simply never wanted to be associated with those professionals who plastered their faces everywhere. The industry felt slimy, and I tried everything I could to avoid identifying too closely with its distasteful aspects.

I swore my company and I would never be “face forward.” I willingly relinquished the hope that someone, having seen my picture on a park bench, would stop me in the grocery store and say, “Oh, wow! You are that hotshot agent I see all over town! Can you help me too?”

Anything a typical agent would do, I rebelled against with a fist-pumping, “No. I will not!” Inleit’s brand would say to brokers, “This isn’t about you and your name recognition. This is about people and that all-important place they call Home.”

Recipe cards? Nope.

Coupons? Useful, but probably not.

Sports calendar magnets? Not our jam.

Social media? Only because I must.

So when it came to a newsletter, I, of course, hemmed and hawed. Were it not for a greater purpose, I would buck this communication medium as well.

Building Inleit, I envisioned a company that would help our client family create Home in every sense of the word. Our manifesto was borne from this vision and communicates it best:

“…nothing matches the power and possibility of Home; it is the heart of our story, the setting for our most sacred moments. We believe people thrive on connection, and Home invites those opportunities every day, as a hearth to connect with others and a sanctuary to connect with oneself. We believe Home must balance playful and practical to be an empowering place to leap from and a grounded place to return to…”

For nearly five years, I’ve been developing resources our clients can use at Home to create connections and find that perfect balance of playful and practical. I’m excited to share the eight pages of ideas with you and have reluctantly accepted that a newsletter is the best way to do so.

If I promise it will be useful, please promise to tell me when it’s not. And if you want to stay connected in another way, feel free to unsubscribe. I will take no offense and will be delighted to hear your thoughts and requests for content.

Thank you for staying with me as this dream that has burned in my heart for years finally takes shape.