Suppose you’re looking for a creative party theme or an excuse to get close friends together, consider hosting a Favorite Things Party. Here’s the gist: each guest brings three unwrapped gifts and leaves with three new items. You can easily adjust the theme and details to accommodate any group – family, kids, friends, just girls, moms, etc.

I recently hosted my own Favorite Things Party. We left the gift parameters open-ended so guests could get creative about their favorite things and set a budget of $10 for each gift. While this party lends itself well to the holiday season, I opted for the timeless theme: mimosa bar and brunch with the girls.

We kept brunch light with two charcuterie boards, pastries, and fruit. To create the perfect charcuterie board, I always recommend at least three cheeses; a soft cheese like brie, a people-pleaser like sharp white cheddar, and a wildcard flavor (this time, I chose Merlot BellaVitano). Embellish the tray with crackers, meats, and nuts (if allergies allow). To add an unexpected flavor, try a spicy jelly. My favorite is Red Pepper Jelly by Stonewall Kitchen.

I’ve never been confident in my baking abilities, but there is no shame in store-bought goodies. I chose a few options that would accommodate the various dietary restrictions of my friends. Hello, gluten-free cupcakes and vegan cookie sandwiches!

You can’t go wrong with orange juice and bubbly for the mimosa bar, but you can elevate the experience by adding a couple of unexpected pairing options. I also recommend including a sparkling water option for those guests who may not enjoy alcohol. I offered LimonCello LaCroix, an excellent replacement for champagne that blends with any juice flavor. I picked up two different mixers: pineapple juice and blueberry lemonade. Then, I added some fruit options for guests to top off their drink creations, and voilà! I had a fun and impressive beverage station.

The party setup allowed for easy conversation. Many of the guests hadn’t met before, so we spent the first hour chatting and snacking. At the top of the second hour, we headed to our gift table, which displayed a great variety of items from beauty product favorites, soaps, and candles, to a yoga mat, insulated water bottle, and even vegan cheese!

Each guest presented her favorites and educated the other ladies about why she chose them. The item demonstrations served as an unexpected learning opportunity. The girls introduced us to two new eco-friendly products that can replace everyday disposable items, and I relished the chance to share the art of making the perfect cup of Matcha tea.

To distribute the gifts, each girl picked a number from a hat. Number one picked her first item from the table. We went down the line choosing one gift each and circled through two more times until everyone had three things. Every guest believed she had received the best products and was walking away with more valuable treasures than she brought!

A Favorite Things Party provides a tremendous opportunity to learn something new about your friends while treating yourself to a few fun products. Take the chance to host one this season!