Some families debate whether Christmas music can start playing before Thanksgiving. In my house, we debate when Mary can start celebrating fall. I eagerly count down the last days of August, and come September 1, I turn into Linus from Peanuts, parading through the pumpkin patch, eagerly awaiting the Great Pumpkin’s arrival.

My Buttery Pumpkin and Harvest Apple candles, currently lit, fill my office with sweet scents of Autumn. A specially curated playlist for the season creates a wistful mood. Just imagine that first crisp, fall morning: the wind, a bit stronger and more erratic and the skies, slightly overcast. Between the unpredictable weather, the anticipation of upcoming holidays, and spending more time with friends and family, the appeal of fall is its sense of impending adventure.

For those who don’t share my fanaticism, consider this a beginner’s guide to cultivating your own sense of impending adventure as we kick off the best several months of the year.

  1. Fall Drives
  1. Decorations & Crafts
  • Decorations are an important aspect of creating the mood of fall. With a lack of public activities going on this year, crafting some simple decorations at Home is an easy way to fill an afternoon and get your space feeling cozy.
  • Get inspired to update your mantel for the season.
  • Have fall-inspired table settings.
  • Hoping to entertain kids? Try a cute and easy craft like these owls, or keep it classic with pumpkin painting or carving. Contrary to popular belief, it is NEVER too early to have pumpkins in the house!
  1. Don’t forget apples
  • Apples are a staple of the season. Usually, I would recommend checking out an orchard to pick your own. Here are orchards across Colorado that may still be open.
  • If you’re not able to visit an orchard this year, have an apple-themed afternoon at Home. Have a caramel apple creation contest. Stock up on candies, nuts, and any other toppings you can think of.
  • Brew some hot apple cider. Add cinnamon, or caramel, or a little fire whiskey. Having a hot fall day? Enjoy a cold, hard cider from a local brewery like Stem or Boxing Brothers.
  1. A walk before the storm
  • The quickly turning weather, when properly embraced, can be one of the most exciting pieces of fall. If you have the opportunity, get the whole crew bundled up and go on a quick neighborhood walk right when you sense that a storm is coming.
  • The pace is much different than a spring or summer walk. You’ll likely scurry along, huddled into one another to help with the cold wind. The goal is to make it back Home before the storm really hits. Making a game out of it creates a collective air of excitement.
  • Ultimately, this is all about getting back Home so you can have a cup of Hot Chocolate or coffee and curl up under your fluffiest blankets.
  1. Themed movie nights
  • A cozy fall evening absolutely lends itself to adventure epics or spooky flicks. Schedule your themed movie night in advance so your family or friends have time to plan costumes (wearing a Gryffindor scarf counts), and you have time to pick a few select treats (Butterbeer, anyone?).
  • To mix things up, and avoid it feeling like any other evening hanging out by the TV, I encourage you to ditch your usual spot on the couch. Pull out all the pillows and blankets and sprawl out on the floor.
  • If you’re able to add a game to accompany the movie, even better! The ultimate goal here is to get everyone actively engaging in the movie together, rather than focusing on their phone or something else while the movie plays.