Well, hey! Steph here.

I have one torch that I carry through the whole of my life – “All things are possible!”

Every person has a heartfelt calling to live a life of significance. I believe my greatest ability to impact this world is in helping people actualize that calling. To achieve this end, I built Inleit Properties and its “sister” company, Inleit Purpose, to create the circumstances necessary for people to live according to their purpose.

Inleit Properties helps people build a foundation for full lives. We think home is a place for growth and fresh starts and helps build the foundation for strong individuals, families and communities. We are a company that believes our clients deserve more guidance and more support, and they deserve it in every area of their lives. Find space to live and then make room to dream…and DREAM BIG!

When I founded Inleit Properties, I also dreamt of an organization that would grow powerful girls into impactful women. Originally named “The Goddess Garden,” Inleit Purpose (IP) was lit by the same “all things are possible” torch…even global equality is possible. IP is a growth organization to create and unite women of influence. We have big plans for this organization with the vision of worldwide impact. At Inleit, each team member seeks our life’s full potential and is driven each day to do the same for our clients; in so doing, we “leit” the path for future generations.


“I love seeing how passionate you are to bring about positive change in the lives of women, which impacts the whole world.

You are a vibrant example and leader for those of us on similar or parallel journeys.

You allow yourself to be vulnerable, thereby creating an even stronger connected community of amazing spirit and energy and light.”

“F lourish was a gift. With the compassionate support of Stephanie Brook, Jane Jackson, and the other beautiful, dynamic participants in the group, I was able to face my limiting beliefs head on, sit with feelings that were uncomfortable for me to be with, and celebrate things about myself that I absolutely love. That’s huge for me! I think that this kind of work is a must for any woman who owns her own business and any woman who wants to feel herself inside her life more fully. I would highly recommend it!”

Ready to join us or want to learn more?

There currently are 3 ways to get involved.

Women inLeit

The simple fact is that the larger our numbers, the greater our impact. We’ve determined that, at present, the best way for us to increase our reach is via Facebook. Women inLeit (in*light) connects purposeful, driven women seeking authentic community. We answer questions, give feedback and provide support. We also connect in “real life,” through organized events and as individuals.


Join the group. Move the movement.

Cultivate Events

To unite women we need to connect them authentically without judgement or competition. Our community gatherings casually address topics around women in the workplace, at home and in society. We provide unique group discussions that help guide the rediscovery of what and who is important and identify how we engage and respond within our culture.


Join the list for Cultivate invitations and newsletters.

Flourish Development Program

Any social movement begins with the individual. Inleit Purpose provides self-development community and resources to build a life on purpose. Flourish was created for driven women who work tirelessly only to finish each day unfilled and disconnected from their true priorities. Our development program helps these women identify the root cause of constant doing and provides a practical path to help them move guilt-free from busy to being.

Email us at hello@inleit.com for more information.

“Flourish helped me find my light, my purpose, and myself through tools of forgiveness and healing. That is catapulting my life in a beautiful positive direction. I’ve gained confidence in myself and have met some amazing, inspiring women who I hope to have a lifelong friendship with.”