Sometimes you need to decorate for a season to get in the spirit, and perhaps some sparkly pumpkins can help you forget the impending chilly weather. After an inspiration sesh on Pinterest, we know exactly how you can get festive this year.

Image of an entryway Image of a front porch with flowers and pumpkins Image of a front porch with pumpkins

Now, there’s no need to get pumpkin spice crazy about it. The stakes are low, so placing a pumpkin or two near the door will get the job done. Head over to Target to grab a seasonal doormat, add a handful of pumpkins or squash with a few lanterns, and you’ll acheive the perfect look. If you still want a little bit of life outside, repurpose those summer pots and fill them with gorgeous orange chrysanthemums. Scatter a couple of tiny pumpkins around, and your outdoor scene is set! 

Nobody is here to stop you if you do want to go crazy. Fill your steps with pumpkins, flowers, and lanterns; your neighbors will be glad you did. But a word to the wise, count the number of pumpkins in those Pinterest posts that you love. You might be surprised by your supply list. 

There is also an alternative, spookier method to fulfill your autumnal heart’s desire. Rush to Home Depot early to try and get your hands on this behemoth of a Halloween decoration. That’s right, for the low price of $299.99, you can get your arms around a 12-foot skeleton with LCD eyes. Whether you’ll amuse or terrify your neighbors is yet to be determined. If that doesn’t do it for you, you can peruse their endless selection of Halloween yard decor and find something that practically ensures the children will skip your house for candy this year; you’re buying those Kit-Kats for yourself anyway.