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Our move toward possibility
started with Home

Inleit was born from the belief that all things are possible.

Inspired by her own challenges, founder Stephanie Brook discovered her passion: empowering others to live their own personal truths, free from confining expectations. Recognizing the uplifting courage and financial stability Home brings to someone’s story, Stephanie spent four years helping people find Home as an agent at big brokerage firms. Ultimately feeling that agents could do much more to honor clients’ stories and serve them well, she founded Inleit Properties in 2015 as the first step in a mission of empowerment.

At Inleit, we connect people with Homes that open the door to endless possibility. Our genuine, perceptive, and resolute guidance helps clients find the property that matches their current vision and capture the long-term plan they hope to pursue.

Our Manifesto

We believe nothing matches the power and possibility of Home; it is the heart of our story, the setting for our most sacred moments. We believe people thrive on connection and Home invites those opportunities every day, as a hearth to connect with others and a sanctuary to connect with oneself. We believe Home must balance playful and practical to be an empowering place to leap from and a grounded place to return to.

We believe the impact of an individual inspires, but the power of a team – aligned in passion, talent and values – is a force to behold. We believe missteps are not failures, but opportunities for a lesson and a new direction. We believe in meeting the dark with grace and grit, and the light with love and laughter. We believe in following the gut, leading the charge, seeing the big picture, and not sweating the small stuff. We believe actions define the person, and follow through is what distinguishes the genuine  from the insincere.

Most of all, we believe everyone is deserving of possibility, and that possibility lies just across the threshold of Home.

Meet the team.

Our team runs the gamut in personality, talent, and experience – that’s why it works! We’ve structured our roles so that we each operate in positions that leverage our strengths. While we certainly have varied opinions about best travel destinations and favorite podcasts, we all love people and invest heavily in our clients, their stories, and their successes. We have each other’s backs, hold each other to high standards, and frequently laugh until we cry.

Stephanie Brook, Founder & President of Inleit Properties

Stephanie Brook

Founder & President

Stephanie (she prefers “Steph”) started her real estate career over 15 years ago, initially working in new Home sales. When she left her position as National Sales Trainer, she became a real estate agent. Today she draws on her wealth of expertise to focus primarily on strategic planning. What a financial planner brings to managing and thinking about your money, Steph brings to your real estate strategy. Her fierce tenacity helps clients get to where they want to be, one step at a time. Bonus: her laugh will make you feel like the funniest person in the world.

Virginia Shank, Chief Operating Officer of Inleit Properties

Virginia Shank

Chief Operating Officer

Virginia has been with Inleit since 2015 and takes on more of a background role to ensure Inleit is running smoothly and growing strongly. Virginia leads our day-to-day operations and executes on strategic efforts to build our business and improve our service and efficiency. Her background is in customer experience analytics and consulting, which translates brilliantly into the client work she also takes on at Inleit. With several hats to wear, Virginia runs on checklists and gets stuff done at a rate that Steph calls “almost superhuman.”

Sara Baumbach, Agent at Inleit Properties

Sara Baumbach


Sara has been in real estate for 15 years. Her career began in new Home construction and model Home furnishing (where she and Steph met!). Over 5 years ago, she found her perfect fit as an agent on Steph’s team. Sara blends her industry expertise with unshakable optimism to provide her clients with incredible service and a genuinely fun experience. From preparing your Home for sale to locating the right property to negotiating your contract, Sara will be your new best friend. Trust us; it happens every time.

We’re honored to do what we do.

These awards, affiliations, and certifications recognize our approach to real estate and our success in the industry; they also drive us to continuously expand our expertise. We’re honored by the recognition and grateful for the opportunity to do what we do.

SMDRA Diamond Circle

2013, 2016, 2017

South Metro Denver Association of Realtors

Five Star Real Estate Agent

2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

National Association of Realtors

Denver Real Producers Rising Star


Pikes Peak Association of Realtors

Colorado Association of Realtors

Pricing Strategy Advisors

Take the first step toward possibility.

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