Your Itinerary

This is the Grandma’s house of breakfast places. Ornate plates and knick-knacks line the restaurant’s blue walls. The coffee is always flowing, and there is love in every bite. Split a Dutch baby pancake (an apple crepe on steroids). On a lovely summer morning, breakfast on the patio is a must.

The menu at this Mexican restaurant is to die for. There are some familiar favorites and some with a kick. Sink your teeth into some fiery elote (Mexican street corn), or guacamole with a dangerous ingredient: rattlesnake. The ambiance, the flowing drink menu, and the delicious food make this restaurant a local favorite.

Ella Bliss is the place to go for a luxurious nail experience. Members enjoy an abundance of deals and treatments for the right price. Order a signature drink delivered to your cushy pedicure chair, chat with the friendly technicians, take in the high life, then leave feeling like a million bucks.

There isn’t a single mediocre item on this menu, and happy hour at Ya Ya’s is a must. The downright delicious food takes on an even more delicious price. Take a seat on their outdoor patio, order something tasty, and enjoy the scenery with some friends. The gorgeous pond (ducks included), plus a tasty cocktail for a good price, equals a happy customer.

If a croissant and cinnamon roll fell in love and had a baby, its name would be Duffey. A Colorado classic, Duffeyroll has been making scrumptious cinnamon rolls since 1986. There are six decadent flavors to choose from – orange to Irish cream. Rip apart the flaky pastry and try to keep your composure when you reach the gooey center. They also have all kinds of cobblers, coffees, and sandwiches if your sweet tooth isn’t speaking to you.