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A proven process
for a smooth transition

Strategic services. Intentional processes.

Whether your goal is selling one Home and moving into another, weighing your options during a transition period, or taking the first step toward building an investment portfolio, our strategic planning, buying, and selling services help you move toward your best possibility.

For each of these services – planning, buying, and selling – we have a consistent, yet adaptable, process that we’ll tailor to suit your unique needs. Every piece of these processes and how we serve clients has been designed intentionally to provide perceptive guidance and unmatched protection. By asking better questions, providing the information you deserve, and executing a one-step-at-a-time approach, we aim to make you more knowledgeable and the process more manageable.

After closing, we’ll remain your steadfast advisors. We may continue to pursue a bigger real estate strategy, if that’s your plan. Or we may simply keep tabs on your Home value and serve as a sounding board for decisions about upgrades and renovations. Whatever path you’re on, we’re there too.

Plan for a Home.

We always begin with creating a plan, tailored for you specifically. There’s a lot of general advice floating around about purchasing, selling, and investing in real estate. Yet in an industry that tends to focus on the single transaction right in front of you, we buck the trend and offer upfront planning and big picture thinking to help achieve your vision – whatever its size.

If you’re aiming to purchase or sell a Home (or both), our strategic planning service is automatically part of your experience. We’ll partner with you to determine your goals and to overlay the ideal timing and strategy to help you get there.

We also offer real estate planning as a separate service. If you’re crafting a long-term plan for your real estate assets or considering creating a rental portfolio, use our expertise to design your master plan, weigh your options, and understand potential benefits and implications.

It’s not uncommon for us to begin planning conversations with clients up to 18 months in advance. Talking to us sooner, rather than waiting until you ‘have more ducks in a row,’ can help you make a plan that works for your unique situation. You can count on complete transparency and know we’ll respect your timing and needs. We’ll provide analytics and examples to help you make strong decisions, so you’ll walk away with practical ideas to move realistically toward your goals.

Buy a Home.

Home is a really big deal and there are tons of day-to-day and long-term considerations in determining what’s right for you. Our satisfaction comes from discovering what you truly want (and sometimes that includes helping you figure it out) and finding your ideal Home to match.

As your agency, we’re your biggest advocates. We take the time to listen and understand what’s most important. We fiercely pursue situations and terms that align with your best interests, seeking to protect you above all else. We celebrate your victories and cry along with you when things don’t go our way.

There exists a bare minimum of required responsibility for real estate agents, and many agents stop there. Through our process, we go above and beyond to help you choose the Home that’s right for you; we also believe it’s our responsibility to proactively guide you through every step of the due diligence process once you’re under contract. As an Inleit buyer, you can expect a timeline to keep you on track, explanations and reminders for every deadline, and partners to be your sounding board as you evaluate the Home. You’ll feel cared for and well protected as you ensure you’re comfortable purchasing.

Sell a Home.

For sellers, our process is designed to accomplish two key goals: attain your highest possible proceeds and manage the intricacies of timing. As certified Pricing Strategy Advisors, we’re equipped to position your Home to sell based on comparable sales, condition, and market trends. We combine advice on profitable and cost-effective improvements with careful analytics to determine the most effective pricing strategy. Once we layer in a customized marketing plan, you’ll feel confident that your Home is well positioned for the best possible results.

After your Home is well positioned in the market, we shift into the role of expert negotiators, skillfully negotiating on your behalf throughout the entire transaction. The three most significant rounds of negotiation determine sales price, repairs or concessions based on inspection results, and sales price revisions in the event of a low appraisal. Combining our negotiation skills with our knowledge of current market climate, we boldly pursue terms that align with your best interests.

One of the biggest benefits of our expertise is in timing. Selling, moving, maybe buying, maybe not – there are tons of variables and logistical details to consider. We’ll carefully structure the overall timing to make your experience as seamless as possible. Our personal, partnership-focused approach is most meaningful during times of transition. We’ll guide you through the entire process so you make the right decisions, at the right time, for you.

Take the first step toward possibility.

Sit down with us and experience the Inleit difference. Whether you’re ready to buy a Home – or sell one – or you’re gathering information for ‘if and when,’ let’s talk.

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