As you declutter your home, the first inclination is to take your discarded belongings to Goodwill. Many of these items still have value — and with some time on Facebook Marketplace — can put some money back into your pocket. After successfully selling a wide array of things online, we have a few tips to help you put yourself — or rather, your stuff — out there!

1. Know your worth
When you price your item correctly, it has a higher chance of gaining interest. A quick online search can help you assess the value of your product. You’ll also want to consider the price of your time. If you’re selling an item for 5 dollars and you spend 30 minutes listing, chatting, and shipping, it is not worth the hassle.

2. Use high-quality photos
When online shopping, you’re more likely to buy an item that looks good. People subconsciously select products with better photos and marketing. The cameras in the average smartphone can capture the quality images that you need. As long as you choose an area with bright lighting and display the item in a flattering way, your photos are good enough to post!

3. Be prepared to lower the price
The price is not always right. Facebook has a function that allows you to see how many views your listing has gotten. If you have an abundance of views and no offers, it may be a sign to lower the price. Taking 5-10 dollars off can be the spark to ignite interest in your item. Consider potential price drops as you initially value the item to ensure you are always getting an amount that you are comfortable with.

4. Beware of scammers
There are accounts on Facebook Marketplace dedicated to messaging sellers about their items to obtain their personal information. Supposed buyers reach out about a product and insist on texting rather than using Messenger. To ensure you are “legit”, they ask for a Google verification code. This is how they infiltrate accounts and take information. You can sniff them out by closely watching their grammar and texting style. If they don’t seem to respond directly to your messages, they message you repeatedly, or their messages are nearly incoherent, you’ve likely got a scammer on your hands.

5. Don’t be afraid to start over
Occasionally, your product will simply go unnoticed. Don’t get discouraged! Try to list your item again with a different description, price, or photo. Offering shipping (if your item is small enough) can help buyers in other areas access your product. They typically pay for the cost, and all you need to do is print a label and drop your package off at the post office! Sometimes, just relisting your old post (as is) can push it to the right person. Marketplace also gives you the option to renew your post every 7 days, to bring it to the top of everyone’s feed.