Your Itinerary

If you find yourself hungry in Hilltop, burgers will definitely do the trick. Park Burger has a great ambiance and a tasty menu that is sure to please. Their beverage menu is positively thirst-quenching with all kinds of cocktails and milkshakes. When your burger arrives, hot and dripping with flavor, you’ll be so glad you came.

Stop by this fun neighborhood spot when you’re looking to spice up your cooking life. They have shelves full of fun spices and unique mixes that you’ll just have to take home. They even offer recipe cards for each blend if you want to create something new. Not to mention, their products make for some of the best gifts!

It can be challenging to rank pizzas when you’re just happy to be eating it. However, this slice tops any list. Among their salads and appetizers, they have a delicious menu of pizzas with various tasty toppings and sauces. Not to mention their cocktail and drink menu, which is destined to have the right pairing for your meal. The leftovers, although highly unlikely, are almost better the next day. 

Still hungry? Of course, you’ve yet to get your chicken fix. This restaurant serves up the tastiest dishes around. Their signature bowls range from divine to breathtaking, with various sauces, vegetables, herbs, and proteins. Then on the side, our favorite, The Compromise, features a half order of brown butter fries with a half order of arugula salad, the most balanced of meals.