Your Itinerary

A quaint oasis off Colfax Avenue, City Floral is a breath of fresh air. Inhale the sweet smell of seasonal flowers and be transported to a more tropical climate. Their selection of houseplants sits in a great array, from the common to the coveted. Moreover, they have all the products and plants you need to cultivate your perfect backyard. If you’re not looking to buy anything you’ll have to care for, commit yourself to a stroll among the foliage with the (somewhat) friendly working cats – it just feels good to take it all in.

Near Colfax Avenue and Colorado Boulevard lies the swankiest small market in town. The industrial shelves are packed with unique products, and as you wander through the aisles, you serendipitously stumble into charcuterie heaven. The never-ending array of cheeses, meats, crackers, olives, and other toppings calls to your stomach. Oh, the things you could do with a hundred dollars and a nice wooden cutting board. The next best is their wine and beer selection. Believe us; the price is right for those bottles.

Tucked away in an inconspicuous strip mall lies some of the most authentic Brazilian food an American can get. The aroma hits you first, and the beautiful Portuguese conversation next. The store is run by the most down-to-earth family, proud to share their culture and cuisine. In the back, they sell other coffees and wares.

Kittredge Park

The most interesting part of this park lies in its history. The block of land was once Home to a mansion constructed by Charles M. Kittredge, AKA Kittredge Castle. After decades of splendor and several years as a home for girls, the castle was demolished in 1955. The city acquired the land in 1977, and it soon became a park. The design concept for the playground utilizes the historic footprint of the old Kittredge Castle as playground cornerstones, seating areas that recall the old “porches” of the original castle, and sandblasted language in the playground’s concrete edging.