Your Itinerary

Baking French food at elevation can be difficult, but Trompeau makes it taste easy. Walk through their open door into the world of flaky pastries and creamy coffees. They have ever-rotating offerings, so you never know which item you’ll wish you had more of. Our favorite for a Saturday morning: drive to a nearby park with breakfast and enjoy each other’s company. The ants will take care of the crumbs.

This restaurant is by far one of the most delicious on the block. They have satisfying options for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Delicious cocktails and mimosas are served by the glass or the carafe and make for the best thirst quencher. Their patio is incredible for a sun-seasoned meal with friends and family on a lovely day.

The best way to find fun and unique articles of clothing is to shop at boutiques! Melrose & Madison, in particular, has its own cute style. Their eye-catching pieces are sure to garner compliments. Three changing rooms sit behind a cozy couch if you fancy a main character shopping moment with your besties.

Nixons’ open-concept shop makes for a great ambiance. If coffee isn’t your thing, they have kombucha – on tap! Admire the unique espresso machines as they prepare your delicious beverage, then take a seat and get a little work done as you stare out of their massive windows.

A chic industrial cafe, Steam “strive(s) to serve great coffee with exceptional hospitality in extraordinary settings.”  This location offers a lush back patio with a couple of unexpected installations. It’s a fantastic place for a visit with a friend or an inspired work session.