Your Itinerary

This adorable pie shop called to us from miles away through an open window. Comfortable chairs and stylish decor create the perfect place to relax and devour a pastry. Freshly made every morning in Lyons, these pies are to die for. Once paired with a cup of coffee and a close friend, you’ve got the perfect treat.

In our humble opinion, sandwiches are best served toasty with a side of personality. Snarf’s creates some of the tastiest bites with a spin on picking your own toppings. Take your paper-wrapped deliciousness to go or sit in their circus-style shop. Just wait until you get to sink your teeth into what some call the perfect sandwich.

Stop by this wing joint at happy hour to get the best price on the most delicious wings of all time. Pick from the range of scrumptious sauces and order up a big basket of crispy fries. Sip a frosty beer while you wait for your ticket to flavor town. This food is guaranteed to hit the spot.

This elevated establishment serves up the finest foods in the most scrumptious atmosphere possible. Their classy backyard vibe makes for the perfect place to dine on a summer evening. Choose from an extensive list of delicious cocktails and pair it with something tasty from the bar snacks menu. You’re sure to be hungry for more.