Castle Rock South

Castle Rock, Colorado

About Castle Rock South

Located just blocks from Castle Rock’s lively tangle of businesses and ultra-modern condos, the area south of downtown occupies a small tract of land between I-25 and the Douglas County Fairgrounds. Just like downtown, there are quite a few businesses located here, though they become sparser as the land gives away to a less populated area with a golf course and a vast open space. East Plum Creek snakes through this area, with a paved walking path meandering alongside it. All in all, it’s a wonderful place to live, as it sits between the downtown action and the splendid natural areas to the south.

Buying a Home in South of Downtown will most likely mean pinpointing the perfect condo, as this style of Home is most prevalent in this dense area. Potential residents can find units with varying square footage in a range of layouts. Nice amenities such as balconies, high-end appliances, and modern design elements are all but guaranteed.

Spend a day in Castle Rock South

Although this neighborhood is a bit farther away from the busier parts of the Denver Metro Area, there is no shortage of ways to spend a day. Castle Rock South is waiting to be explored!