Congress Park

Denver, Colorado

About Congress Park

A picturesque neighborhood home to a green space of the same name, Congress Park gives residents stress-free proximity to all the urban delights found in downtown Denver, but without the headaches that can come with city living. The community is tucked in an area south of East Colfax Avenue and west of Colorado Boulevard, both major streets cutting across the city. Congress Park itself is a marvelous place to get some fresh air or exercise. It boasts a baseball field, a soccer field, tennis courts, and even a swimming pool. Just beyond the park are the Denver Botanic Gardens, a wonderland of exotic flora and thoughtful landscaping.

Life is simple and carefree for those lucky enough to snag real estate in Congress Park. Aside from charming single-family Homes, the neighborhood also boasts newer condos for those looking for convenience. Many of the streets in Congress Park are lined with older properties and mature trees, giving the community an established, welcoming feel.

Spend a day in Congress Park

Gorgeous houses come together with swanky restaurants and shops all throughout this neighborhood. Spending a day here could quickly turn into much more.