Downtown Littleton

Littleton, Colorado

About Downtown Littleton

Downtown Littleton encompasses a tiny sliver of land wedged between US-85 and the railroad tracks near Rio Grande Street. Its Main Street area is a charming district of shops, restaurants, and cafes housed in historic storefronts. Summer concerts often take place at Bega Park, a green space dotted with trees. North of the downtown area lies Geneva Park, boasting a small lake with a paved walking path around it.

Buying a Home in downtown Littleton means being able to enjoy local dining and nightlife while also having easy access to the treasures that lie beyond, such as golf courses, hiking trails, shopping centers, and state parks. Plus, thanks to highways and a light rail system, it’s easy to reach downtown Denver in under 40 minutes.

As you might expect from a dense area, real estate in downtown Littleton includes mostly condos and townhomes. These chic abodes have been designed and built to appeal to urban residents who can’t do without comfort, convenience, and cutting-edge style.

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There is so much more than meets the eye in this perfectly walkable neighborhood. Join us in our exploration of the best places to eat, shop, and play in Downtown Littleton!