Union Station

Denver, Colorado

About Union Station

The Union Station neighborhood is a vibrant and bustling area offering residents a unique mix of urban convenience, historic charm, and modern amenities. Located in the heart of downtown Denver, this neighborhood is Home to a blend of historic and modern architecture with constant development.

Living in the Union Station neighborhood means having access to an abundance of amenities and activities. The area has various restaurants, cafes, and bars, including several award-winning eateries. In addition to dining and shopping, there are plenty of outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy. The neighborhood has several parks, including the popular Confluence Park, which features a scenic riverfront and walking trails.

One of the standout features of Union Station is its namesake transportation hub. The recently renovated Union Station building serves as a transportation hub for the city, with light rail and commuter rail lines connecting residents to destinations throughout the metro area. The central location of Union Station makes getting around the city easy.

Spend a day in Union Station

Union Station is a bustling neighborhood, always full of activity. There are dozens of ways to spend a day in this neighborhood.