There is something special about having a nice backyard; just ask my dog. Your customized outdoor space can provide a relaxing oasis after a long day or a quaint sanctum to kick off the morning with a cup of coffee. Many small touches can help you create a backyard for you and your guests to enjoy.

Comfort is Key
We are firm believers in a good hammock. What better place to lay out and get some sun with a good book in hand? If you like a fixed hammock that you can spread out in, look no further than the Vivere hammock. It comes at an all-around affordable price with many color and fabric options. If you’re hoping for something a little more luxurious, take a peek at this Suncreat hammock. For those limited on space, this hammock chair tucks nicely into your covered patio. If you’d like to take your hammock with you, our favorite is the Wise Owl camping hammock. You can hang it between two trees or posts in your yard and easily take it down to pack it for your next adventure.

Open Flames: Not Just for Cavemen
The ultimate backyards always seem to have the most beautiful fire pits. It’s a genuinely versatile outdoor element that can be enjoyed year-round – s’mores in the summer and a touch of heat during a chilly winter’s night. Although these can be a tad pricey, they might be just the thing you’re looking for. Home Depot offers this gorgeous table with a built in fire pit for a decent price, but our dream mid-range firepit is this stunner. Or, if you prefer firewood over propane, consider Solo Stove’s smokeless firepit.

Faking a Tropical Oasis with Plants
Plants can completely change up your backyard aesthetically and energetically. An outdoor space with abundant foliage makes you feel like you’re on vacation. Sprinkling wildflower seeds in a patch of your yard can provide the splash of color you’re desperately craving. If you want potted plants, head to your local greenery to find some pots that perfectly suit your outdoor scene. Then, locate some plants that fit the area you’re trying to fill. Be mindful of the plant’s temperature preferences and the type of light they prefer to ensure their survival.

Other Small Touches
You can do so many other things to improve your outdoor space. If you decide against a fire pit, this outdoor heater is the perfect final touch to bring the heat. Or, hanging some string lights can up the ambiance factor tenfold and make the space nice and bright for a late-night soiree.

Happy Summer, enjoy your backyard a little extra for us! Also, remember to share pictures of your outdoor space with us on Facebook, we’d love to see the backyard of *your* dreams.