Understanding is the cornerstone of our relationships – whether between Realtor® and client, friend to friend or between family members. Relationships thrive when we strive to understand one another.

Understanding is a process of connection – not a result. No matter our perspective, we cannot ever be the other person. Yet that should not deter us from our end goal – knowing that we can meet in the middle and have rich and full relationships with people of varying perspectives.

And when we need to recharge, we can come Home to our sanctuary and the ultimate reflection of who we are as individuals. Home also becomes a safe space to invite friends from all backgrounds and cultivate relationships with people of varying perspectives.

The past several months forced us to reflect on what is truly important to each of us. Last month we talked about restlessness and the rumblings to roam. This month we look inward to our desire to connect more deeply with one another. If the first half of the year’s events have taught us anything, our perspectives are as unique as we are.

Ultimately our Homes are a reflection of who we are as individuals. Throughout the Home buying process, every decision we make reflects that – from the community to the neighborhood, to our homes, and what we put in them.

Home is where we display our favorite works of art, showcase family heirlooms, and express ourselves through interior design. Our Homes become an extension of who we are. And when we invite others into that sacred space, it is an invitation to gain perspective. Home can become that place where we meet in the middle.

Home buying is all about understanding perspectives. Realtors® that take the time to get to know their buyers and their priorities are equipped to help them find their perfect Home. You see, real estate is much more than a transaction. We help you find your sanctuary – the perfect retreat when the world is too much. And the place where, if invited in, the outer world can understand you better.

At Inleit, we have a process to help us understand you and your perspective. We know that our expertise isn’t enough unless we focus on what you want. Because finding your inner sanctum takes time. And once you find that place to call your Home, you have a place where you feel grounded, a place where you can reach out and make connections, and a place where relationships of all varieties can flourish.