The time has finally come. You’ve settled on a budget, you have your estimates, and you’ve chosen the perfect new quartz countertops for the kitchen. It’s time for demolition. Between the expenses and the anticipation, how could you not feel a little stressed about a renovation? Knowing what to expect will help to ease your mind before and during the chaos. Here are a few lessons I learned during my last two remodels:

Of course, we all want the remodel done as quickly as possible. Your Home isn’t your Home when it’s partially destroyed, and there are strangers kicking up dust and making too much noise.

It’ll be tempting to schedule the tile work on Tuesday and the countertop installation on Wednesday, but guess what? Delays happen! Be prepared for them by giving yourself two or three days between contractors. This will provide you with ample opportunity to ensure that work is done to your expectations with enough time for the next contractor to start. Rescheduling multiple projects with different contractors due to a delay is a significant and unnecessary headache.

You’re not going to want to hear this, but expect a 20% overage for all projects.

While it is unlikely that all of your remodeling projects will go 20% over the estimate, the last thing you want is to be hit by an overage that puts you well outside your budget. Stay ahead of the game and include this overage from the onset. This way, when it happens, you’ll shrug it off and say, “Oh well.” instead of, “Oh no!”

Don’t forget to budget for the little things – they add up quickly. Most people remember to budget for the hardware and the light fixtures, but they forget about things like trash removal.

Living In Construction
I know what you’re thinking. It can’t be that bad, and it’s only for a few weeks. Trust me. After having experienced two big remodels: it *can* be that bad. Bad for your stress levels and bad for the project timeline. If it can be avoided at all, even if only for a few days, it should be.

Take a moment to think about how the space will function once the project is complete. Are you changing the overall cabinet layout? Put down some blue tape to map out where the cabinets will be afterward. Does the new design allow you to move freely throughout the space, or are there some small obstacles that don’t quite feel right? People naturally gravitate toward the kitchen, so make sure there is enough space for your guests to gather.

Plan for Touch-Ups
During my remodels, nearly every contractor returned after the initial round of work to make an adjustment, correct a slight defect, or replace a component. Revisions are part of the construction process. You’ll minimize frustration if you expect at least one return visit to bring all work to completion.

Your remodel will likely be a bit of a rollercoaster, but at least you won’t be blindfolded! You’ve gotten a glimpse of the loops and twists ahead. All that’s left to do is buckle in and go through it! If you need assistance planning or designing your remodel, give us a call. We’ll share more tips and help you make the process as stress-free as possible.